Kindergarten Class Size

  • The average size in each school year of the classes of a board that include one or more pupils enrolled in junior kindergarten or kindergarten shall not exceed 26.
  • The class size limit of a class of a board that consists only of pupils enrolled in junior kindergarten and kindergarten is 29.
  •  In each school year, 10 per cent or less of the classes of a board that have only pupils in junior kindergarten and kindergarten may have a class size that exceeds the class size limit, but that does not exceed 32.
  • Each board shall select for each school year a date not earlier than September 1 and not later than September 30 as the date as of which class sizes in elementary schools shall be determined.

The above info was taken from provincial regulation O. Reg. 132/12: CLASS SIZE

Meeting About Proposed Changes to Manor PS School Yard Oct. 7th at 7pm

The School Board is proposing to file a site plan with the City this year to:

  • Accommodate 12 portables total at Manor Park Public School. The expectation is that not all 12 portables will be needed and that any portables beyond the current 4 will not be needed before September 2023.
  • Change parking from the front of the school where buses drop off and pick up children to the corner of Eastbourne and Braemar. This would take the space currently occupied by one of the two baseball fields and provide 61 parking spaces.
  • Expand the Kindergarten outdoor area.

The City needs to approve the site plan for the School Board to proceed with the associated work, which is planned for the summer of 2020.  

I will be holding an information meeting on October 7th at 7pm at Manor Park School about the proposed changes to Manor Park PS School Yard. All are welcome.

More information including site plan

Proposed Site Plan for Manor Park School Yard 2019-20

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