How to make a Delegation at OCDSB meeting

How to Appear as a Delegation or Ask a Question at a Meeting

Members of the public who would like to address the Board at a public meeting may do so as a delegation. To appear as a delegation and be alloted four minutes to speak, you must submit a written statement on your issue by 4:00 pm on the Thursday prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. Your written statement will be included in the agenda package. If registering prior to the start of a meeting using the sign-up sheet, two minutes will be allotted for delegations. A maximum of 20 minutes will be allotted for delegations.

If you have questions or would like to appear as a delegation, please use the contact information found on this page About Board Meetings - ocdsb on the OCDSB web site.
The information below has been converted to html from the pdf format of Bylaws Standing Rules of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)


11.1 Any citizen or group within the area of jurisdiction of the Board may appear as a delegation before the Board or Committee to express their concerns, provide comments or ask questions on any matter within the mandate of the Board or Committee. The delegation will be allocated time as follows:
(a) Up to four minutes for a first appearance where the request was made in advance of the meeting and in accordance with these rules; and
(b) Up to two minutes if the delegation has already appeared before a Committee, or if the request was made after the publication of the agenda and prior to the start of the meeting and in accordance with these rules.

Requests to Appear as a Delegation:



A delegation shall be granted up to four minutes where the delegation has registered with the Secretary and provided a written submission outlining the delegation's concerns or views and any remedies sought from the Board or Committee not later than 4:00 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the meeting for inclusion in the printed agenda for the meeting.



A delegation shall be granted up to two minutes where the delegation has registered prior to the start of the meeting using a sign-up sheet provided at the meeting to state their topic.



A delegation which has appeared previously at Committee on a particular topic may be provided with a further opportunity of up to two minutes to address the Board when the matter comes forward for a Board decision. Substantial repetition of the previous presentation will be ruled out of order.



The Chair of the Board may, in advance of the meeting, direct that a delegation requesting a hearing before the Board be heard instead by an appropriate Committee of the Board.



Notwithstanding the requirement for notice, a delegation shall be permitted to circulate printed material to the Board or Committee members at a meeting.



Once the Board has made a decision on a matter raised by a delegation, the Board will not entertain a further delegation on substantially the same issue within the ensuing six-month period unless the Chair is of the opinion there is sufficient new information to warrant a review or unless the Board has agreed to re-open the matter.

Scheduling Delegations at Regular Board or Committee Meetings

11.3 (a) At regular Board or Committee meetings, a maximum of 20 minutes will be allotted for delegations. Where the number of requests for delegations exceeds the time available, the Chair may increase the time allotted for delegations.
(b) To ensure that delegations on various topics, or with different points of view on the same topic, can be heard, the Chair, may limit the number of delegations and/or the time for each delegation.

Appearing as a Delegation

(a) Delegations may appoint up to two spokespersons to address the Board or Committee. Board or Committee members may ask a maximum of three questions for clarification only and will not enter into debate or discussion.
(b) Where appropriate, the Chair may respond immediately, or request a response through the Director, to questions posed by a delegation. Where a response cannot be given at the meeting, the delegation's name and address will be recorded, and a written or verbal response provided as soon as possible, but normally within two weeks. Written responses to questions posed at a committee meeting may be posted to the Board’s website and/or attached to a subsequent agenda as supplemental information.
(c) Questions or comments concerning the performance or character of identifiable individuals will not be allowed in public meetings. If inappropriate remarks are made about Trustees or staff, the Chair will immediately rule the remarks "out of order" and will request a retraction. If a retraction is not forthcoming and the inappropriate behavior continues, the Chair may expel the speaker(s) from the meeting.

11.4 Delegations will be provided with a copy of the rules before the meeting at which they are to appear.

In Camera Delegations

11.5 (a) Delegations regarding issues which must be heard in camera will be heard in a closed session. Meetings of the Board and its Committees shall be open to the public except when the subject matter under consideration involves:
i. the security of the property of the Board;
ii. the disclosure of intimate, personal or financial information in respect of a member of the Board or Committee, an employee or prospective employee of the Board or a pupil or his or her parent or guardian;
iii. the acquisition or disposal of a school site;
iv. decisions in respect of negotiations with employees of the Board; or v. litigation affecting the Board.

Special Meetings for Delegations

11.6 Special meetings of the Board or Committees may be scheduled from time to time for the purpose of hearing delegations on a particular item, for example, the Board’s budget or an accommodation review.


11.7 Presentations of up to 15 minutes on a matter of interest to the Board may be scheduled with the permission of the Agenda Planning Committee or by decision of the Board at the time of approval of the agenda.

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