Proposed Changes to Manor Park PS School Yard Agenda

Proposed Changes to Manor Park PS School Yard

October 7th at 7pm at Manor Park School


  1. 7:00 -Welcome and Opening Remarks (Trustee Ellis)
  2. 7:10 - Presentation by the Manor Park Community Association (MPCA)
  3. 7:30 - Presentation of proposed changes by School Board staff (Mike Carson Superintendent of Facilities)
  4. 7:50 - Questions and Answers (Everyone)
  5. 8:20 - General discussion from participants including raising of alternate options (Everyone)
  6. 8:40 - Next steps (Trustee Ellis)
  7. 9:00 - Adjournment

The intent of this meeting is to have:

  • A common understanding of what is being proposed.
  • To address questions the community may have for clarification.
  • To explore options that the community may bring forward.
  • Networking to continue community advocacy
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