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For forty years now, I have been working to make schools safe and welcoming places for all children.   During this time, I have seen a lot of school officials.  Chris Ellis is exceptional.  He is committed to the educational success of every student.  He knows how to build consensus, find the key pressure points and make change.  Chris Ellis knows how to get things done.  In these difficult times, we need school trustees like Chris Ellis to ensure a better future for all our children.

Timothy J. Stanley, PhD.

Almost 10 years have passed since I met Chris the education advocate. Some three or four years later, Chris joined our Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) as a Board appointed Community Representative and then successfully began his representation in Zone 6 as your Trustee. Chris' passion for quality education and supports for the children of our City and his Community knows no bounds.
Over those same years, in my continuing role as SEAC's Chair, I have without question; known Chris would be relied on to support all children, with or without special education needs.  Be assured, Chris continues to look at the big and small picture.  Chris is an honourable individual in his representation of your interests.  Some may not share his big and small picture view of how to deal with the issues, but he is open to discussing the big and small issues.
Chris has a huge heart, a clear understanding of the challenges and issues facing our Ottawa-Carleton School District. His dedication seems limitless...   Every District needs Trustees like Chris.
I am pleased to be able to offer my endorsement of Chris Ellis, Trustee for Zone 6 Alta Vista, Rideau- Rockcliffe.

Rob Kirwan

Chris Ellis has been very active in the past four years supporting the Ward 13 Youth Strategy, fighting for Rideau HS to remain open and then, when it closed, working with partners for a Community Hub making sure the school remains a public asset in the community.

Yacouba Traoré, Executive Director of Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre

There were some serious problems within our elementary classroom that could not be resolved by teacher or principal.  After several unsuccessful, frustrating meetings, I contacted Chris.  He was friendly and a good listener. He acted immediately, put us in touch with the appropriate problem solvers, and within a few days, everything was settled.  We should have contacted him sooner.  Chris followed up shortly after to make sure our complaints had been dealt with successfully.  Chris saved the year for this class.  Thank you, Chris!

Joan Bowler

Chris has demonstrated his commitment to education, and has supported some of the most vulnerable children in our city in his role. I have been thoroughly impressed by his efficiency and efficacy, and his active engagement in the community. I have confidence in his dedication to this role, and believe he will continue to be a fierce advocate for education and the needs of Ottawa families.

Sara Dwyer, Executive Director, Russell Heights Community House

Trustee Chris Ellis was an elemental lead in supporting Storefront School, which is an adult-transition school supporting students, with disabilities, skills, and knowledge needed to be independent in the workforce. Working with Trustee Ellis was very easy as he listened to the needs of my mother, my brother and parents of past and current Storefront Students. He understood the importance of the programming at Storefront and how it benefited the students in their future success. Due to his leadership in bringing parents and students together to have their voices heard, Storefront remains open and continues to provide a safe learning space for adult students. He is empathetic and understands the importance of supporting strong and effective programs for students with special needs. He is a Trustee that I can stand by and vouch for because he is hardworking, understanding, caring and will always do what is best for the students.

Eliza Ali, Sister of Storefront School Student

I have known Chris Ellis as an advocate for excellent public education through my many years as a member of the Ottawa Carleton Assembly of School Councils (OCASC), and as an  OCASC and Learning Disability representative to the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) of the Ottawa–Carleton district School Board (OCDSB).
Chris approaches issues in a manner that is inclusive of students regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic level or intellectual capability.  He is dedicated and hard-working – researching and soliciting opinions on issues which come before the Board, and seeking solutions that are fair to all student. 

Beth Doubt, former OCASC and LD Representative to SEAC, SEAC representative to Special Education Policy Advisory Committee

I was truly encouraged by Chris Ellis's support to the former Rideau High School community, many members of whom were newcomers to Canada. Chris sought community input, listened carefully to this input, and took appropriate action. And although the ultimate decision was to close RHS in 2017, Chris demonstrated genuine commitment to the students and their parents, in particular those who literally lacked the words to voice their concerns directly.

Sachiko Okuda

Chris Ellis takes the time to understand the issues around public education and fought hard to continue the exceptional OCDSB Storefront program that has brought enormous advantages to my son and to its other graduates.  Chris listens to parents and approaches being a trustee with a great amount of fiscal responsibility and common sense.

Judith Young, Parent

I thoroughly endorse Chris Ellis for reelection as a Trustee at the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) for Zone 6, Rideau-Rockcliffe and Alta Vista. I have known Chris Ellis for approximately five to six years.
Our acquaintance began as volunteers on the OCDSB’s Advisory Committee on Equity (ACE). During this period he has demonstrated his dedication and willingness to put in the hard work in representing the organization or community he represents.
As a Trustee, he has ensured that the voice of his community is heard at the Board of Trustee meetings. He is very active at all the Advisory Committee meetings in which he participates, including those of ACE.
Representing a constituency that has a large immigrant and socio-economic challenged population, Chris is one of several vibrant voices around the Trustee table that are championing the delivery of the Equity Pillar of the OCDSB’s Strategic Plan.
Chris’s dedication to this pillar is to ensure that the OCDSB places an equity and inclusive lens on the review, development, implementation, and monitoring of all policies to support student achievement and well-being, especially for the students in his riding.

Harvey B. Brown, Past Chair, Advisory Committee on Equity

When the OCDSB recently conducted their Western Accommodation Review, I attended every meeting in order to prepare myself and my kids for the outcome. Chris Ellis was at every meeting I attended at the board office,and at some in the community. I had lots of questions for the trustees. Chris would always respond; with answers or suggestions on who best to contact at the board. I’ve found him to be responsive, understanding, and helpful. After my children were settled (and happy) in their new school, Chris encouraged me to keep him posted on their progress. I hope he continues to serve Ottawa parents and students for a long time. I wish he could represent my zone. We need trustees like Chris Ellis on our school board.

Penny McDowell, Ottawa

Chris Ellis has been a long-time, independent, progressive, reliable voice promoting quality education for our high-needs neighbourhood.
His re-election would ensure that a strong voice remains at the table.

Rawlson King, Past President, Overbrook Community Association

Chris Ellis is an exceptional trustee. He is committed, approachable and delves deep in to the issues that affect his constituents. His positive attitude, genuine commitment and leadership skills combined with his extensive knowledge of process and policy make him an excellent fit for the position of trustee. Chris has done an excellent job in his position as trustee and he deserves to continue in this important role.

Cindy Harrison, Parent

Chris takes his role as a trustee for our education system seriously.  He listens to what families and their students need, and tries to ensure that their needs are met.

Kate Greer-Close

Chris Ellis is someone who "walks the talk" with respect to community development. He is prepared to roll up his sleeves and do what it takes to improve his community. His "can do" attitude is inspirational and contagious! As a strong advocate and defender of public education he would be a valuable asset as a trustee of the OCDSB.

Leonard Poole, Chair, Ottawa Community Development Framework, Overbrook West - McArthur 2008 to 2011
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