Former Ottawa Police Chief, Senator Vern White Support for Rideau HS

In Senator Vern White's letter of support for Rideau HS he states;

As former Chief of Police for the City of Ottawa, I have first-hand experience ensuring that the needs of local youth were understood and met as best we could. Every decision we make for a child's well-being is a difficult one, taking into account the whole child, as well as what we can afford.

In the situation you are presently dealing with, I would argue that we cannot afford to lose the Rideau High School. If you remove Rideau High, I believe you are as well removing the connection youth have to their community through their school. The importance of a school connected to the community cannot be over emphasized, from a growth perspective. The hub for every community is the local education system and in particular for youth at the high school age, this is true. This community is already vulnerable and I believe you will be removing these youth and their families' hope of a better future. Understanding that a community is defined as "a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals", nothing fulfills this definition better than a local high school. In essence I believe you will be destroying the community that supports the youth in this already challenging area of the city.

PDF of Senator Vern White's letter of support for Rideau HS

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