Ministry of Education release Draft Revised Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline

The ministry web page is Provide Your Feedback on the Draft Revised Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline (PARG)

The ministry will accept feedback during this current second phase of the consultation until March 23, 2018.

To share your feedback on the revised draft of the PARG, please send an email to by Friday, March 23, 2018, with the subject line “Revised PARG”.

For an overview/summary about these draft revisions, please review the memorandum sent to school boards.
Highlights for me from the summary:

  • The initial staff report to the Board of Trustees must contain at least three options to address the accommodation issue(s): a recommended option, an alternative option and a status quo option.
  • School boards will have discretion to undertake economic impact assessments.
  • As a component of developing the template, the Ministry would like to hear from boards on what supports boards might need when undertaking PARs (i.e, facilitators, facilitation training).
  • the final staff report must include a section that summarizes secondary school student feedback for pupil accommodation reviews involving one or more secondary schools. School boards will determine how best to involve secondary school students in the pupil accommodation review process, to promote their voice and ensure their well-being.

The ministry plans to release a final revised PARG in spring 2018, after which school boards will be expected to amend their existing PAR policies. As part of this process, the ministry expects school boards to undertake extensive community consultations to promote understanding of PAR processes. Only once revised PAR policies have been approved by trustees can any new PARs be started.

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