Student Success

Public education must nurture and support each and every student and help them succeed.

  • Regular and extracurricular programs must be accessible for all students.
  • Special arrangements may be necessary for students with exceptional talents and needs as well as those with different learning styles and experiences.
  • Social, economic and cultural realities of students and their families need to be taken into account.
  • The School Board needs to continue to explore promising initiatives and evaluate and expand them when they are successful.

Chris has supported student success by:

  • contributing to the expansion of the Board's definition of diversity, especially the inclusion of socioeconomic differences;
  • leading local parent input to the Board on Accommodation Reviews;
  • input while developing Policies and amendments to Policies;
  • support for retaining Storefront Program. Chris is working on expanding this succesful program.

"Trustee Chris Ellis was an elemental lead in supporting Storefront School, which is an adult-transition school supporting students, with disabilities, skills, and knowledge needed to be independent in the workforce. Working with Trustee Ellis was very easy as he listened to the needs of my mother, my brother and parents of past and current Storefront Students. He understood the importance of the programming at Storefront and how it benefited the students in their future success. Due to his leadership in bringing parents and students together to have their voices heard, Storefront remains open and continues to provide a safe learning space for adult students. He is empathetic and understands the importance of supporting strong and effective programs for students with special needs. He is a Trustee that I can stand by and vouch for because he is hardworking, understanding, caring and will always do what is best for the students."
Eliza Ali
, Sister of Storefront School Student

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